Політ на аерошуті


Floating downstream mountain river rafting – a hilarious adventure and tested simultaneously. Speed and quickness of reaction! Waves and rapids, rapid flow and gnashing of fun! At the same time experienced instructor, always ready to provide any assistance. All this is called rafting
. Participants must have a personal campaign outfit:
- Comfortable sportswear;
- Shoes – sneakers, sneakers, neoprene stockings;
- Change clothes and shoes;
- If necessary – a personal first aid kit;
- Personal hygiene;
- If any – neoprene wetsuit.
Tentative route. Depending on weather conditions and physical education instructor participants may change the schedule.
Hike is on Raft «GUMOTEX», catamarans.
Minimum group size – 10 people.
Individual and small groups must submit a preliminary application in the company, under which teams are formed for group rafting.
Persons who need constant medical treatment and observation, to travel the route is not recommended.
Included: Raft rental, helmet, life jackets, oars, instructor services, insurance.


An unforgettable experience of hunting in the Carpathians to Carpathian deer, wild boar, roe deer and duck. Hunting is officially under the supervision of professional hunters and local huntsman.

Unique extreme relaxation. With spetssproryadzhennya can learn to overcome various obstacles (ravines, rivers, rocks). Highly qualified instructors will help achieve this goal.

Horse riding

Horseback riding – a true gift, full of romance and joy
emotional feelings and confidence. Experienced instructors
taught how to hold to in the saddle, animal control, and minimize the trauma,
for themselves and for the horse.
You can order a romantic horse and give it to your sweetie.
There is nothing more romantic than a whiz at all winds along with a favorite person.


Dnister Trip
Unforgettable trip down the river Dnister, accompanied by the professional instructor. The length of the trip is 1-4 days:
1 day (Dolyna-Nezvysko)
2 days (Nyzhniv-Nezvysko)
3 days (Nyzhniv-Kopachuntsi)
4 days (Nyzhniv-Ustechko)


Modern, amazing game that is held on the special prepared place in a suburb with instructor.



Modern, amazing game that is held on the special prepared place in a suburb with instructor.


Unforgettable trip though the picks and planes in the Carpathian Mountains, where you will feel real pleasure and extreme.